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Ron and Elizabeth travelled on Greenhills Travel Centre's private group tour to Egypt in February 2020
We have travelled extensively. For seven seasons we lived on our sailing yacht and sailed on the coast of NSW and Queensland, out to the Louisiades Archipelago (PNG), New Caledonia, Vanuatu and around the top of Australia to Broome on the west coast and back to Sydney. We bought motor homes and travelled extensively in Europe, including Scandinavia and the USA, including Alaska.
When we saw an advertisement for a 23 day guided tour of Egypt and Jordan we thought that it sounded like an ideal way to visit those countries with their ancient history.
Greenhills Travel indicated that the guide ‘Curly’ had been on this trip many times. Having a guide allayed our concerns for our safety in those areas.
Because we are from Morisset Park and not East Maitland we were provided with transport directly to Newcastle Airport where we met Curly and the other five members of the tour group.
Once out of Australia we were always met by guides who helped us through security, customs and baggage pickup. There was a bus or taxi to transfer us between the top quality hotels and guides for the tourist sites. A good number of meals were included as well as all the fares, taxes, gratuities and most unforeseen costs.
In Cairo we met our guide for all of Egypt. Amany, an Egyptian Egyptologist and guide, had a amazing knowledge of her country's history.
We were taken to the Great Pyramids of Giza. Nearby was the Sphinx that guards the pyramids. After lunch we drove to Memphis and saw the enormous statue of Rameses II and the alabaster sphinx. At Saqqara we saw the step pyramid and at the archaeological site Amany talked to us about the meaning of the intricate hieroglyphics.
From Cairo we travelled by coach to El Alamein’s Commonwealth War Cemeteries and Memorial. From there we continued by coach to Alexandria where we stayed in the beautiful old Cecil Hotel overlooking Alexandria Harbour.
Our stay in Alexandria included visits to the National History Museum, the Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa, the Roman Amphitheatre and nearby lecture rooms and Roman baths, the new library of Alexandria and the Montazah Gardens and Palace. On our way back to Cairo we visited the Monastery of Saint Macarius.
From Cairo we flew to Luxor where we stayed in the historic Winter Palace Pavillon Hotel.
The next day we boarded our cruise ship for the seven night Nile cruise. This was a very comfortable way of seeing the many sites between Luxor and the High Dam. These included Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Edfu, Kom Ombo, the Aswan Dam and the High Dam and the Temple of Isis at Philae.
A flight took us to the amazing Abu Simbel Temple site that was relocated onto an artificial hill when High Dam was built. Better to fly than endure a 12 hour day by bus.
We also chose to have an early morning flight in a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Queens. A felucca (Egyptian sailing boat) took us from the jetty near our cruise boat for a ride on the Nile past Elephantine Island and back.
Back in Luxor we visited the Valley of the Kings where we saw the tombs of Rameses IV and Rameses IX. At the Valley of the Queens we visited Hatshepsut’s Temple.
We flew from Luxor back to Cairo. The antiquities we saw at the Egyptian Museum made much more sense because we had visited many of the sites that they had come from and we now knew some of the history that is so layered with some pharaohs building on the work of their predecessors and others destroying it.
That night we attended a light and sound show at the Pyramids of Giza and even the rain did not dampen our enthusiasm.
Visits the next day included the Hanging Church, St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Saladin Citadel, Mohammed Ali’s great Mosque and Khan el Khalili bazaar.
We flew from Cairo to Amman and travelled by coach to Petra where we stayed in the Cave Hotel. Early the next morning we walked 3.5k into Petra Gorge and were amazed as we saw the buildings the Nabateans had carved into the rock walls. Because we were all looking exhausted Curly hired donkeys so that we could ride out.
We could have had another day here at Petra as there is so much to see.
The next day we travelled from Amman to Jerash to see Roman ruins. Along the way we were fortunate to stop at Mount Nebo. Yes, this is where God told Moses he could see the Promised Land but not enter it (Deuteronomy 34). On our way back to Australia we stopped at Dubai for a few days to explore and rest.
We saw so much more than we usually see when we are travelling alone and we learnt so much.
Our heads are still spinning and we are still reading and learning more about the background of so much that we have seen.
Thank you Curly for a wonderful, enriching experience! We could not have done it without you!
We also thoroughly enjoyed the company of our fellow travellers.
Ron and Elizabeth.


Ross. Travelled to Japan in August 2018

 I wish to thanks and commend Warwick (Curly) Gladman and the staff of Greenhills Travel Centre (GTC) for
arranging a most memorable holiday in Japan through JTB Travel.
Of particular note was that following a typhoon in Japan the Kansai International Airport was shut
down and my return flight to Bangkok cancelled. Other travellers were told by their travel agents
that they could not get them out before 3 or 4 days. Curly from Greenhills Travel Centre had me booked on a return flight from
Nagoya International Airport within 15 minutes of me calling him. This flight made all other necessary connections.
The 14-day Japan Combination Package Tour (from Tokyo) exceeded all expectations.
All hotels in which I stayed were all of high quality with brilliant breakfasts each day.
The day tours were escorted by English speaking Japanese employed by Sunrise Tours. They were all
from the area we were touring so they were incredibly helpful and informative, even humorous.
The traditional Japanese lunches served on each tour provided another amazing experience.
GTC had booked tours on my free days. These were just as well organised.
We were picked up and dropped back to our hotels by the tour operators who were always on time
and in fact we travelled in luxury.
I cannot recommend Greenhills Travel Centre and staff as well as this particular tour more highly.
Ross Whybin                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Margie and Chris. Travelled March 2018 Norway and Iceland

Such a great experience. we had your good work making it all work with flights etc. It must have been a nightmare. We enjoyed everything about the tour of Norway including Bergen,Oslo, Flam,Voss especially up the fjords such beautiful scenery of snow capped mountains just amazing. Experiencing so much in a short time, brilliant,loved the Northern lights and was so grateful and privileged to see them.The experience of another countries culture I will never forget.

Thanking you Greenhills Travel Centre once again for this experience and the friendships we made. 


Greg & Karen Travelled Feb 2018

We used Curly and his team at Greenhills Travel for a trip to Thailand, Cruises to New Zealand and Vanuatu and an amazing trip to Egypt and the UAE. Top quality tours with top quality tour guide(s) . Recommend this travel agent to all my friends!


Julie & Bruce Travelled September 2017

Hi Curly,

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that our family holiday to Palm Cove went really well. The organisation was great and the whole family had a fantastic time. The accommodation was really nice and the staff very friendly and helpful.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work in putting it together for us. Sorry I haven’t written sooner but work has been crazy.
I hope the new shop is working out well.


Ralph & Linda. Travelled August 2017 Canada & Alaska

Hi Curly,
We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed travelling with you and the lovely group you put together. It was well planned and organised. We saw so many amazing things in the three weeks but still felt relaxed and not rushed. We appreciate the time and effort you put in, even on our "free" days, to make sure everyone had a great experience.

Reality has hit us in the face going back to work and we wish we were still in Canada or on a cruise ship!

We loved Canada and are definitely interested in the Eastern Canada trip so please put our name on the interested list. Does that mean we would get another badge sewn on our jackets?!

Thanks again Curly. We enjoyed travelling with you and we'll be back!


Jan & Noel Travelled June/July 2017 Round the World

Curly and girls

Firstly, thank you for organising our fantastic holiday.  We thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we went.

The highlights were our sailing into Venice,  Croatia and Montenegro. It was also wonderful to catch up with our friends in Canada and they took us to new places every day.  Thank heavens I keep a daily diary as there was so many highlights to try and remember over 5 weeks. Also enjoyed our accommodation on the Cook Islands, but the weather was a little too cool for swimming.

Once again, many thanks. 


John, Travelled March/April 2017 Norway & Europe 

I chose Green Hills Travel Centre to make the bookings for what was to be a tour to Norway and developed into a seven weeks odyssey to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria Switzerland Ireland and UK.

Warwick and his staff made bookings for 2 tours, Eurail pass, hotel accommodation air travel and travel insurance.

It all seemed straightforward enough except for several changes of plan and extensions of time.

Warwick and his staff were very patient and helpful and had helpful suggestions to offer as well.

I chose an 11 day ferry cruise from bergen to Kirkenes and return to Trondheim. Due to a ferry mishap, this ended being a 10 day return Trondheim Kirkenes Trondheim. I was very pleased with  this tour. The ship was comfortable staff very customer focussed and well organised social and side events.

I went on side excursions to North Cape (excellent) dog sledding at Kirkenes (not good value or productive use of time) and a horse ride and  land tour through Lofoten Islands (total waste of time and money. Regrettably I chose this instead of a midnight concert in the glass cathedral at Kirkenes which those who went enjoyed). All of these events were expensive

In going early in the season, I knowingly missed an included visit to the heritage Geiranger Fjord which was not available until later in the season.

I have no hesitation in commending this cruise, with the reservation of being selective of side excursions as noted.

I also chose an 8 day rail tour of Switzerland with Trafalgar Tours This was rated as the top tour in Switzerland and was very expensive. Unfortunately this tour was cancelled and I opted for an alternative coach tour with Insight Tours which was offered instead. Overall I enjoyed this tour. I think it included most of the key features of the rail tour but at less cost. Accommodation was in 4 star hotels and better value than higher level hotels. The guide and driver were good and informative and as tours go it was good.

In the case of both tours I chose to go early in the season because i wanted to see snow and ice and cold climate. I was  not disappointed in this respect, however It would have been more scenic about a month later, although with much less snow.

I had decided to travel Premium economy with the expectation of a more comfortable flight. This expectation was only partially fulfilled. Yes the seats were more roomy and comfortable with more leg room, BUT the seats were above the wing and there was a constant loud roar from the engines which was painful and uncomfortable ( BA Boeing 777).

I arrived at Bergen to join the Hurtigruten Ferry Tour to Kirknes and return to Trondheim without incident.The day before I was due to depart Bergen (April 1 ) turned out to be  real April Fools Day.

The ship I was supposed to join was involved in a damaging incident and was withdrawn from from service. I had heard rumours to this effect but could not get any confirmation.

It was only due to Amanda sending me an E-mail that I read about 3.00 am  That I became aware

Fortunately Amanda got my message as she was about shut down her computer and was able to provide assistance. Hurtigruten had advised Green hills that they had been in contact with me and they were assisting me!! This the first I had heard about it.

The situation was resolved with the help of the hotel manager in Bergen and I was sent to Trondheim to join another ship that had left Bergen the previous day. Hurtigruten reimbursed me for all out of pocket expenses and I was impressed with their efforts.

After leaving the ferry in Trondheim I had planned to visit each of the Scandinavian capitals travelling  independently by rail before joining the Swiss tour

I had 2 full days in each of the Scandinavian capitals, although Easter came in the middle and restricted what was available.

I made changes to my departing itinerary and Amanda was able to rearrange changes to accommodation which was very helpful and much appreciated

I enjoyed train travel during daytime from Copenhagen to Stuttgart which allowed me to see the countryside ( glad I chose not to travel at night). Visits to Porsche and Mercedes museums in Stuttgart. 3 full days in Munich with a day tour to Salzburg in Austria before joining the 8 day tour of Switzerland.

Switzerland was enjoying an exceptionally heavy snowfall during the tour and our tour guide advised us that it was the heaviest snowfall they had at that time of the year! He also told me that within 2 weeks the snow would have gone from the peaks.

I had asked Warwick to pre book budget hotels which for the most part were satisfactory after all you get what you pay for (mostly)

I chose to travel via Singapore (or Hong Kong) rather than via Gulf States, Hence British Airways.

I could have gone via Hong Kong by flying Cathay but the cost was several hundred dollars more.

BA was fine, flight crew pleasant but thie PA terribly garbled (seems to be stock in trade with airlines and airports)

Having been to UK previously I made my own bookings for accommodation, some very good, most OK, some so so. Likewise I chose to travel by train throughout UK and an 8 day Britrail pass worked out just fine. I probably could have done it a bit more cheaply if i could be sure of catching off peak trains. With a rail pass I could travel at any time regardless of individual train fares.

I had cash flow problems on a couple of occasions, partly because of flawed advice from the bank about using their travel cards, partly through trying to do on too little on the card initially and partly because the ship locked funds which reduced available currency seriously.

It is better to prepay tips where that option is available than to pay on location, for one thing it is less to fork out in transit and there is no misunderstanding about how much to pay.

In conclusion I was well pleased with Warwick as my travel agent and with Hurtigruten and Insight tours.

Having a travel agent who took the time and trouble to organise what I wanted and was willing to help sort some of the issues which developed while I was away was a great help

I am pleased to recommend Green Hills Travel Centre as a caring and helpful Agent.


Yvonne, Travelled March/April 2017 Norway & Iceland Group Tour

Thanks Curly for a wonderful holiday, a great group, and lots of great memories.

When people ask about my holiday, I put a good word in for you and your travel agency and tell them you are returning to Iceland in 2018


Kath & Craig, Travelled January 2017 New Zealand

Thank you so much for arranging the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand.

Our trip was very well organised, everything went off without a hitch.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are arranging another holiday with you


Deanna, Travelled September 2016

Just want to say a big thank you to you and the rest of the staff of Greenhills Travel.  Our Scenic river cruise and additional accommodation and side tours were all fantastic and we had no problems at all.  All hotels that you booked for us were great... The Keukenhof Garden tour was wonderful and the Interlaken tour was also fantastic. The staff are friendly and helpful. Calling on their vast travel experiences to help plan my holiday, nothing was too much trouble. From meeting up with my relatives in Europe, to advice on money matters, guidance was given willingly.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone thinking of taking a holiday, and not wanting the frustration of coordinating everything themselves. Thanks to you all!


Lyn, Coffs Harbour School Group. Travelled to Vietnam Sep 2016

Hi Warwick, just wanted to pass on my thanks for your organisation of our recent tour of Cambodia and Vietnam. We had a fabulous time and all the activities were great. We did miss a flight from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh due to an error on my itinerary but Duc Trinh came to the rescue quickly and all was well. Our guides were excellent and the organisation was superb. I will be in touch again in two years time for another trip with my next senior class.
Thanks for everything


Jenny & Peter, Travelled August 2015

Just thought we would send a quick email to say you have organised the best trip we have ever been on. We are down to our last week and really don't want to leave South Africa. The places you have organised have been fantastic. In all our travels we have never had anything like the Victoria Falls Hotel. We feel like royalty! 
Thanks heaps.
Jen and Pete


Belinda, Travelled July 2015

Can't thank you enough, was truly fantastic.  Our standout was the 2 days around Tianmen mountains, heavens gate,

glass floor walk, avatar mountains, lake cruise. A lot of walking but absolutely magical part of the world.

Where and how can we give you public recognition of the fantastic job you have done for us?  
Your dedication and willingness to get the very best value for money deal inclusive of all sites can not be highlighted enough for us. Very grateful


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