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Egypt & Jordan - 11 February 2020

Join our fully escorted small group tour to Egypt, personally escorted by Warwick (Curly) Gladman. This will be his eighth tour to this amazing country, which is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and their monuments still stand today. Imagine yourself standing beside the Great Pyramid or the Spinx, sailing down the Nile taking in all the sights of daily life on this great river.

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South America - 17 April 2020

Fully escorted from Maitland, this four-week South American adventure will take you to historical sites, natural wonders and vibrant cities.

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Kimberley Cruise, Broome & Perth - 30 July 2020

Fully escorted from Maitland, this cruise and tour will take you across Australia to WA. You'll see natural wonders, uncover the states fascinating history,and have time for a round or two of golf.

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Croatia & Switzerland - 1 October 2020

Fully escorted 24-day private group tour to Croatia & Switzerland. You'll see awe-inspiring architecture and breathtaking waterfalls, mountains and lakes.

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Japan & Seoul - 8 September 2020


Fully escorted 17-day group tour to Japan and Seoul. You will see the best of Korea as you explore the famous spots of Seoul. You will then embark on an exciting Japanese journey that will take from Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto and many more! Absolute beauty await you!

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